Posted by Yvonne on 02.12.2014

Being an avid commuter cyclist myself,  I read in a newsletter from Dutch “fietsberaad” that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands had invited the Australian policymakers to the Netherlands, for the Australians to find out if elements of the Dutch cycle culture are transferable to Australian cities. Watch this video and get an impression on how the Australians experienced Dutch cycling.

49 percent-of-Dutch-children-cycle-to-school

The delegation visited cities like: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen and a few others to try and further stimulate the daily cycle usage in Australian cities.


They spoke with  Dutch cycle experts, governing boards and planners to find out which elements could be transplanted into the Australian cycle culture. The focus was on safety, cycle education for cyclists AND car drivers, stimulating cycle usage to school and work, infrastructure design & law governing, which should then lead to high quality and durable cycle mobility in Australia.


Let’s hope the Australian policy makers are able to transfer some of their learnings over to OZ and hurray for the initiative!

Cycling For Everyone from Dutch Cycling Embassy on Vimeo.

Cycling For Everyone











The following websites are a good source of everything cycling in the Netherlands with info provided in English:


Shane Hogan


I hope the visitors notice the lack of helmets and lack of hi-vis in Netherlands. Just ordinary people in ordinary clothes cycling safely as part of their day.