Posted by Yvonne on 05.02.2010

Everyday on my way to work (on my pushbike), I notice these empty bike racks near the new Melbourne Convention Centre. I can’t help but thinking why “someone” decided to put these very sturdy, great looking bike racks in that particular spot under the freeway!

Are they part of the Convention Centre bicycle parking facilities or do they belong to the DFO South Wharf bicycle parking facilities? In both cases they seem to be a LONG WAY away from the actual precincts. And that’s exactly the reason why they are not used by ANYONE!

Anyone who rides a bicycle would agree with me, that like car drivers, you would like to park as close to your destination as you could.

Looking at the parking facilities for the car users, that’s exactly how it has been planned for car drivers. So why are these bike racks put in the spot they are?

Looking at the site I could have thought of more convenient spots for those bike racks. (eg opposite the entrances, same side as the parking machines. Along the wall dividing parking area and pedestrian path way).

Presently when I do visit DFO South Wharf I lock my bike to a street pole in front or close to the entrance, as other cyclists do.

When I looked for any directional signs to bicycle parking at South Wharf, I could not find any….. By coincidence, I did stumble across some other bicycle parking facilities. They are at the other DFO entrance, accessible from the Freeway exit/Docklands Highway/Lorimer Street.

I’m not sure if many cyclists would actually enter from this side. Certainly not if you are coming from the Docklands¬† via the Seafarer’s Bridge or CBD direction….Bicycle parking directional signage would certainly be helpful here.

There’s plenty of directional signage for car users, taxi users and pedestrians (including pedestrian crossing signs). Certainly cyclists appreciate and deserve some helpful hints too ;-)