These are the thoughts, experiences and musings of the team at ID/Lab. Most articles have to do (at least a bit) with human behaviour or how people experience places. Sometimes we just write about what we think is important at a particular time (Coffee, design, beauty, mountain walks, BMW motorcycles…) 

We encourage you to engage in the conversation with us. We like robust discussions, based in respect for each other's opinion, and with the aim to improve one's thinking. So please, if you have something to say, say it. If you want to write an article for our blog, please email it to us - we are really happy to publish it (although we have refused a letter about us inheriting $25,000,000 from some uncle we had never heard about).

Here is the corporate bit:

ID/Lab shape behaviour in the built environment. Through evidence based strategies (Evidence based: research, think, test, research, think, test, research, think, test), an in depth knowledge of human behaviour, architecture, psychology, and environmental graphic design, we make wayfinding easier, a hospital more efficient, a city a nicer place to be, or a retail space more profitable. Examples of environments we work in are new and existing hospitals, shops and shopping centres, towns and cities, offices and universities.

One of our specialities is developing wayshowing strategies, an evidence-based approach for implementing environmental stimuli that facilitate the wayfinding ability of people in a complex built environment. Wayfinding is much more than signage alone: navigation becomes intuitive, and is easiest, in a 'legible environment'—a space where signage, people, architecture, landscaping, interior design, lighting, art, printed and digital information all play important roles in providing navigational stimuli. Of course we design signage, as one of the tools required to assist people's wayfinding abilities

Together with our colleagues in Canada and the USA, we bring together a broad range of talent & experience. We work collaboratively on large projects; an international design think tank with progressive ideas, creating and leveraging best practices from around the world.

ID/Lab strategists and designers have experience in a diverse range of projects: from airports to metro systems, from cities to shopping centres, from corporate environmental graphics to hospital wayshowing strategies.

To see more about our work, please go to our Corporate site: www.idlab.com.au