Posted by Yvonne on 18.12.2009

We all know that Melbourne needs rapid trams, trains and buses, which are interconnected, user friendly and safe, and that we need a network of safe bike paths and walkways that connect to public transport, workplaces, shopping and recreational areas.

In Victoria, Vic Roads is upgrading its Principal Bicycle Network, however the problem is that the links between the networks are often missing and local bike routes suddenly stop at the council border. The Victorian Cycling Strategy and the bicycle strategies of local councils are trying to address this.

Hopefully Robert Doyle, the Mayor of Melbourne will soon be able to follow what the Mayor of London has announced:

£155m for local transport improvements including £1.49m to “support” Cycle Superhighways.

The funding is designed to improve local town centres and public spaces, create more shared space and simplify street-scapes and improving cycling and walking facilities and making them safer to do so. At the same time cutting red tape to make it all happen.


It’s a great initiative especially the focus on cycling as research has shown that when you are able to make a city move by bicycle, it will be a more humane and equal city. While cars separate people, bicycles can bring us together and build up a much more integrated and friendly society.

ID/Lab is working on an exciting initiative to assist councils making the urban environment more attractive to be in – watch this space!!