Posted by Yvonne on 09.05.2010

Recently I rode around Yarra’s Edge via the Webb Bridge here in Melbourne, on my way to the DFO at South Wharf. I knew they were working on the drains there, but it all looked promising when I approached the Charles Grimes Bridge underneath. I was still optimistic when I saw the cyclists dismount sign, but I should have known better: When I rounded the screening I saw a flight of steps. I couldn’t believe it: Were they really implying I should carry my pushbike up the steep steps with my panniers and all? It now dawned on me why its called a pushbike!

I suppose I’m spoiled: Where I grew up, even when road works were in progress, a barrier in the form of steps never formed a real barrier:  A so-called bike-gutter or trough would be mounted to help-out cyclists during those works in progress. Wishful thinking?