Posted by Yvonne on 11.10.2013

Inspired by the Sign Painter Movie ID/Lab and Sumo Visual Group are bringing to Australia, I went for a walk on the weekend looking for some left over sign writing evidence in Port Melbourne. Being one of the first settled places by Europeans on the Bay it was likely I should find some.

To my delight I stumbled across the largest sign painting murals in Victoria, just around the corner from where I live! Although the murals are not all that old  , the building is. The murals were painted in the 1960’s with highly durable pigments on the outside walls of the old distillery  dated  1887 and were commissioned by United Distillers Ltd.

Of course I had seen them before but never realised they were actually the largest advertising signage ever displayed in Victoria at the time!

Because they were so unique they have now been incorporated as part of this apartment building that still shows the outside walls of the  original Joshua Bros Distillery.

In the next post I’ll show you some other sign writing examples from my  weekend walk, including some ghost signs (disappearing/fading signs) on old buildings.

Famous Bottle Paintings