Posted by Michel on 23.05.2012

The countdown has begun to the official reopening of Hamer Hall, and the completion of its $128.5 million redevelopment. ID/Lab developed the wayshowing strategy and signage for this iconic project. Hamer Hall will reopen on 26 July 2012.

In close collaboration with the architects from Ashton Raggatt McDougall (ARM), ID/Lab has developed a wayshowing strategy and a signage package that draws inspiration from the history of the site, while also looking towards its future as a key part of Melbourne’s arts and architectural landscape.

The project had an interesting process, with the design and building works happening concurrently, resulting in constant change and revision. Project management for this sort of process is of the utmost importance; how do we keep track of the changes happening in the architecture, and how do we respond to that with our wayshowing strategy and signage design?

The design of the signage had to fit-in with the heritage protected interiors of Hamer Hall, while showing progress and renewal. The Arts Centre was so impressed with the design of the exterior signage system that they intend to implement it in the whole Arts Centre precinct.

The refurbished hall will contain state-of-the-art seating and technology systems, sure to place it among the world’s great venues. It will reopen with a weekend of celebrations and an exciting opening season of performances from July 26-29. We can’t wait for the signage to be installed, Hamer Hall to reopen and finally see it all come to life.