Posted by Yvonne on 15.02.2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

We spotted the parking facility underneath our office in Russell Street in China Town loaded with people watching the dragon procession taking place in Little Bourke & Russell Streets below, during last weekend’s Chinese New Year celebrations in Melbourne.

Chinese New Year  in Little Bourke StPhoto by: Hien Pham

With all ill-fortune swept away, it is time for good incoming luck!


Apparently red is the colour of good fortune & happiness. For that reason decorations, firecrackers and the envelopes with money that people exchange during this time, are red. And we were told that Chinese people even tend to wear red underwear for that reason!

Snake JW Photo by: JW

According to ancient legend the Chinese New Year – long, long ago – started with a fight against Nian (or Pinyin) a mythical beast, that tended to attack villagers, livestock and crops, but most of all children! The villagers tried to keep Nian happy by offering it food, left out in front of their doors. But one day a little child wearing red was able to scare the beast away, and Nian was later conquered and killed by some of the brave villagers!


We wish all our clients and blog readers a Happy New Year and Good Luck for the year ahead and  happy eating!

Snakes and ladders