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Source: Clients from hell

It’s Friday, almost another week gone. How was yours? As good as theirs?


Clients from hell.

Source: Health Facilities Management

digital signage-photo courtesy of Omnivex

digital signage-photo courtesy of Omnivex

The potential of digital signage systems is they could streamline processes, assist with decision making and ultimately influence behaviour among viewers. However many people still see digital signage as a platform to post general messages to a broad audience. It’s usually limited to either wayfinding applications or donor appreciation walls. By approaching digital signage as a communications tool, the potential becomes much greater and focus will change to internal staff, patients and their interaction.

Placing large screens at strategic locations in eg a hospital provides a quick reference to staff on scheduled procedures and current stage, but also allows for new procedures to be implemented immediately, eg dealing with the SARS threat at the time. It allows for communicating pertinent information to patients upon their arrival in hospital, thus streamlining procedures.

There is no lack of data in most organisations, the challenge is making the information actionable, by combining digital signage with an effective information procurement system. This should ultimately reduce operating costs and improve the quality of the service delivered.

What do you think? Could digital signage align staff and assist visitors/patients?

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