Posted by Michel on 04.07.2011

Liverpool Hospital gets a mention on the “Architecture & Design” website here.

We collaborated with Lend Lease and Rice Daubney on creating a wayfinding system that would work for English speaking and non-English speaking clients.

To achieve this we implemented what we call the “Airport Gate System”, where destinations are given a numeral code. Numeric coding makes it possible to ‘name’ destinations sequentially; destination 112, is likely to be near 111 and 113.

Standard hospital wayfinding uses long, difficult to read, speak and understand medical terminology. In Liverpool, visitors can be told that  the  otolaryngologist (just try pronouncing or remembering this……) is on level 1, Reception 118. Easy to remember, easy to write down. The wayfinding signage now does not need long lists of similar looking words, but just shows groups of numbers: 101 – 112 to the right, 113-124 to the left. This type of instruction can be read and understood by large groups of people, even people with limited English proficiency or reading difficulties.

We will update this post with photos as soon as we’ve got them.