Posted by Yvonne on 04.05.2012

Stage 2.1 of Liverpool Hospital with builder Lend Lease and Architect Rice Daubney was formally completed at the beginning of March 2012.

 The Liverpool Hospital project consisted of a large extension to an existing building, and the renovation of a considerable part of the rest of the hospital.

The building design and the campus layout created an interesting navigational challenge in a functioning hospital environment, with large numbers of visitors from a non english speaking background.

It was paramount that the wayfinding system would work for English speaking and non-English speaking clients. To achieve this we implemented what we call the “Airport Gate System”, where destinations are given a numeral code. Numeric coding makes it possible to ‘name’ destinations sequentially; destination 112, is likely to be near 111 and 113.


The other challenge was that the architect Rice Daubney, requested there be no ceiling suspended signage and as little projecting signage as possible in the corridors of the new build area. To meet this request we opted for wrapped around and wall mounted directional signage.

 We are currently working with the people from Sydney South West Area Health Service to get the rest of the hospital campus primary internal/external wayfinding up-to-date.