Posted by Yvonne on 15.12.2014

It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with Grimshaw Architects on the development of the building branding, the supergraphics and the wayfinding package for the new Mirvac development connecting 664 Collins Street and 699 Bourke Street.

Two separate buildings that read as one city block, with a public walkway that runs from Collins to Bourke Street inside the building footplate.


It was this public laneway that made the project particularly interesting. Instead of just directing people from one side to the other in the building, we recommended that the path would become a more open and enjoyable space, where people could sit, eat their lunch or chat. There is an interesting dramatic view over the beautiful Southern Cross Station curved roof, and towards the City, from the walkway. Facing East, it will take in the morning sun, as well as reflections from the station roof.


Our team of industrial designers developed a suite of bespoke urban furniture. The use of coloured frames on the furniture reflects the colours of each end of the walkway, and when you look along the walkway, you see the colour slowly morph. This change effect is also used as a wayfinding tool – people intuitively understand that this leads to ‘something’. Combined with the wayfinding signage incorporated in the architecture, the wayfinding journey is an easy one.


As Matthew Holloway, Principal of Grimshaw says: “It has been refreshing to collaborate with a wayfinding and signage firm for whom architectural integration is as important as the functional component of wayfinding. We now have a result that feels as if it completely belongs there”

“As an architect, it is difficult to see how often our carefully considered design work is overrun by signage applications that have little to do with the architecture itself. Being able to collaborate with ID/Lab’s strategists and designers at an early phase in the design of the building means that we have been influencing each other’s design outcomes, which combined, have created a better result for our client, the architecture and the experience of the city.”


ID/Lab is now also working on the fit-out for AGL, the major tenant for the Bourke Street building.