Posted by Yvonne on 04.04.2014

Utrecht Central Station in the Netherlands will get the largest bicycle parking facility in the World; it will house some 12,500 bicycles, with the first part ready in 2016. In 2018 the entire parking facility and the square on top of it will be ready.

The cyclists will ride their bikes under the square, park it on one of the three floors and then continue on to the train station platform.

The final design is the result of an interpretation of the urban development plan and the concept design for Station Square East and a collaboration between different stakeholder groups.

Lifts, elevators, clear markings and gradual slopes make sure the facility is accessible for all people, including people with a disability. Its design is also user friendly in regards to public safety: Both the square and the bicycle parking facility have good sight of lines for optimal visibility, and plenty of good lighting all around. Every floor will have its own administration/security office.

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