Posted by Michel on 22.05.2012

As some of you might know, when ID/Lab started in 2006, we concentrated on developing wayfinding strategies only. For the design component we would collaborate with graphic and industrial designers. This worked for a while, but often we found ourselves struggling to get across the importance of ‘it has to work’ as opposed to ‘it just has to be beautiful’.

This is why we now have a team of graphic and industrial designers in-house. They do nothing else but Environmental Graphic Design; no CD covers, annual reports or art posters for them! We believe that this specialist approach will benefit our clients and the projects we work on; the designers are primarily focused on usability whilst being able to make it as beautiful as possible.

This change in our business model needed to be reflected in our Corporate Identity, which is the reason that we changed our collateral, our website and blog. We have already had some good feedback on both the design and the ease of navigation, but we would love to hear your comments too. So go ahead, let us know, good or bad. We do value your feedback!