Posted by Yvonne on 15.12.2014

Named after the first woman to be elected to an Australian Parliament,
Edith Cowan University comprises 20,000 students spread across three campuses in Western Australia.

Mt Lawley campus is home to the famous Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, which is recognised as one of Australia’s most prestigious academies. Two of the three campuses are located in Perth, with the third tucked away in Bunbury, 200km South of Perth.

The RFT described a desire to ‘… implement a wayfinding strategy that works for everyone, is well designed and goes beyond basic legislative requirements.


The project started in June 2014 with an extensive audit of the three campuses, looking at the current situation to understand what does and doesn’t work. This was followed by workshops with a selection of users to both discuss our findings and delve deeper into their existing processes and behaviours. We love collaborating with our clients and the actual users, because it allows us to use their deep knowledge of the site and its processes, and to create unique, focused solutions for their exact situations.

Through this process it became clear that there were issues beyond simply putting new signs in; there was an unclear division between visitor, staff, and student parking, while car parks were not organised in an optimum manner. Processes used by the different groups to provide guidance and to find their way across campus varied wildly.


Working with the Project Control Group from ECU, we made a series of recommendations, consolidating parking types and re-numbering of car parks to aid better wayfinding.

The design was also done in co-creation process, with intensive days in Perth where strategists and designers worked with ECU to develop a family of signs that would fit the overall brand identity of the university whilst creating individuality for the three campuses.

Michelle Dammous, the project coordinator from ECU said: “It has been a very enjoyable journey, driven by the high quality, knowledgeable and professional team at ID/Lab. Although their studio is over East, they have adapted well to the constraints and challenges of running a job interstate. They have developed a strategy specific to ECU’s needs and we are excited to see the project come to fruition. The final outcome is a beautiful design that is also cost effective, which means we can do further work within our budget.”