Posted by Yvonne on 26.05.2014

The behind the scenes video of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital shows the sheer amount of people and materials involved on the project.












It gives a good idea what plays behind the scenes and what it really takes to get such a large state of the art hospital project off the ground.

An important part of the project is the BIM component and at ID/Lab we make sure that all major primary signage is fitted in its place within the 3D Revit model.

This way we do not only immediately see if the location chosen is the best possible one by looking at all the different angels, but also if the actual size is the best possible one for it’s environment.

There are no hidden features like sudden lowered ceilings or other such things that weren’t shown on the drawings we had to work with. Although more time is spend upfront to get it right, the installation and subsequent QM visits should be a breeze .