Posted by Yvonne on 11.10.2013

Nice article by Ray Edgar in The Age today about the Sign Painter Movie!

ID/Lab & Sumo Visual Group are bringing this movie from the USA to Australia.

It will be screening in Melbourne on 12 November 2013, Sydney 21 November and Newcastle 28 November with a screening following in Hobart  in February or March 2014.

If  you are enthusiastic about  the art of sign writing and those dedicated people still practising this beautiful art then come and join us on 12 November at RMIT Building 80 in Swanston street at 6pm.

There’s also your chance to see this art practised live and up close, as we got 2 sign writers doing a sign writing demo prior to the movie!

Tickets can be purchased for $15 online

Article in The Age by Ray Edgar -10OCT13