Posted by Yvonne on 05.09.2013

ID/Lab, in collaboration with Sumo Visual Group, is bringing the Sign Painters Movie to Australia.

The Sign Painters Movie is an 80 minute documentary movie from the USA directed by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon. It is a story about the dedicated practitioners, their time-honored methods, and their appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. Sign Painters, the first anecdotal history of the craft, features the stories of more than two dozen sign painters working in cities throughout the United States.

The documentary and book profiles sign painters young and old, from the new vanguard working solo to collaborative shops such as San Francisco’s New Bohemia Signs and New York’s Colossal Media’s Sky High Murals.

The movie has been screened a large number of times so far in the USA and Canada to great acclaim, and ID/Lab & Sumo Visual Group are now in the process of organising screenings around Australia.

The sign painters movie will screen in Melbourne on 11 & 12 November 2013, Sydney – 21 November , Adelaide -25 November and Newcastle – 28 November. Most events start at 6 pm with either live demonstrations by sign writers and/or an exhibition prior to the movie screeneing.

Tickets for all events can be purchased online.

Exact screening date(s) and times for  Hobart (February/March 2014) and Canberra (March 2014) and  all other capital cities are TBC.

Please provide your email address below if you would like to receive updates about future interstate screening dates, locations and times.


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