Posted by Yvonne on 17.02.2012

The Netherlands has extensive cycling paths and a cycling infrastructure to envy. How did this happen? Has it always been like this, or did people demand it because they felt threatened by the increasing numbers of cars on the roads they had to share on their daily trek to work, school, or shops? The video below shows why the government of the time changed its mind about the dominance of cars, for the better.

You can’t compare a small, flat country like the Netherlands with a huge country like Australia, however many Australian cities have flat areas that are perfect for cycling. There are also plenty of Australians who live within cycling distance from work. People could ride instead of driving to work, and this would lessen some of the ever-increasing peak-hour traffic jams in our major cities. In my opinion, one solution to this would be creating a safe thoroughfare for bicycles on their way to and from work.

Although Melbourne is known for its cycle paths, there are many poor or broken connections and paths, and some even come to a complete stop at busy intersections, where protection from traffic is most needed. Once you have crossed the intersection without being run off the road, the bicycle path picks up again. Quite frankly, I still don’t understand the ‘safety’ principles behind this decision…

Hopefully the video inspires people to do something about the situation here in Melbourne!